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strategic plan

Two years ago, Temple Beth Sholom began a formal strategic planning process that allowed our congregants, Board of Trustees, clergy and staff to provide feedback on how our Temple can better reflect the needs of an ever-changing community. This feedback reflects the valuable input of all of the above and allowed us to set priorities, goals, objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them (both short and long term). To date our collective feedback has resulted in both the establishment of our core values and redefined  mission statement and a written Strategic Plan (i.e., a road map of recommendations and actions for the next five years).

The Strategic Plan focuses on four key areas, each managed and overseen by a specific committee.


Committee Chairs:  Michael Berman, Chair;   Holly Wallack, Vice-Chair

The primary goal of this council is to enhance the opportunities for Jewish spiritual growth and engagement at Temple Beth Sholom, which will…

  • develop an inward journey through meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and prayer.
  • enrich an outward journey through connection to others, including our community and our families through increased participation in
  • Shabbat services, life cycle events, personal prayers of congregants, Torah study, and music-based inspiration.
  • increase our connection to the outside world through engagements in social justice projects as well as connections to nature and to art.


Committee Chair: Cyndy Albert

The primary goal of this committee is to improve the quality of education across all ages & stages, which will…

  • create policy & programming that better serves the congregation.
  • work with each defined educational group (i.e., Foundation School, School for Living Judaism, B’nei Mitzvah Program & Youth Programming).
  • engage members to partner within these groups.

Congregational Engagement

Committee Chair: Mike Weinberg

The primary goal of this committee is to strengthen our ability to gain and retain TBS members, which will…

  • improve the programs we offer and by meeting the needs of our diverse congregation.
  • identify specific information upfront on what new members interest & involvement.
  • connect with congregants at key transition points regarding their needs in order to stay relevant in their lives.

Social Justice

Committee Chairs: Jani Singer, Myra Spindel, Rachel Unger

The primary goal of this network is to create a robust social justice program that makes a difference through direct service, awareness, advocacy and action, which will…

  • identify and integrate all age groups into Social Justice initiatives.
  • identify and strengthen community relationships.
  • use the Religious Action Center for education and to support of goals.
  • assess congregant participation, meaning to congregants & effectiveness in the community.
Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782