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Panim el Panim at Temple Beth Sholom falls under the larger Relational Judaism vision of our Senior Rabbi, Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz. Under her leadership we are creating a culture of connection and matterness. In her words, “Temple Beth Sholom is a place of connections and caring, a place to seek wholeness and be our truest selves.” This is our kehila kedosha, our sacred community.

Small groups are an extension of this culture of connection, not only fostering congregants’ connections with one another, but also having the capacity to foster their spirituality and build them as Jewish leaders since these small groups are for and by congregants; each group is led by one or two lay leaders, not a member of our clergy or staff.

Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophy from I and Thou, that when we encounter another we too can encounter God, Rabbi Pomerantz believes that we can all achieve deep, meaningful spiritual connection with ourselves, each other, and God via small groups.

Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782