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Panim el Panim is an opportunity to deeply connect in a small group with meaningful conversations. Through engaged, active listening & experiential life-learning, we will nourish our souls Face to Face, not face to screen.


                    When was the last time you had a truly meaningful conversation?


Temple Beth Sholom’s Small Groups Initiative

We are currently assembling virtual groups to begin meeting ASAP. If you are interested please contact Jeff Graff: | 786-364-4413.



Why Small Groups


Rabbi Pomerantz's Vision

Why Participate


In Panim el Panim you will meet new people, forge new relationships both within the group context and, potentially, beyond, while having a safe space to be yourself and share from a place of honesty, curiosity, warmth, and even playfulness. Panim el Panim is not book learning but, rather, life-learning as we open up and learn about ourselves in relationship with others, building character in the process.


What Happens When I Join?


Joining a group is a commitment. Participants commit to attend monthly through May, at which point the group will go on a summer break; there is no commitment beyond that. Many group members choose to recommit to the same group in the fall for the next cycle, but it is not required. Dates will be determined in conjunction with your group leader and other group members. Both current and new members are welcome to join current groups with openings or new groups that will be forming.

Current Panim el Panim Groups with Openings
Business & Entrepreneurship

Are you a writer? An artist? A gardener? An adult who makes LEGO creations? A wine lover? Music lover? Want to discuss the joys of grandparenting? Or perhaps you're a dad with a young one (or 2+) and want to discuss fatherhood? Let us know if you want to join a group about any of these topics or if you want to start a group on a topic you are passionate about that we haven’t thought of yet. The options are endless!

We are currently forming new affinity groups through our Panim el Panim small group model and we invite you to take part! We also have two pre-existing Panim el Panim groups, one focused on business & entrepreneurship and the other a couples group, both of which currently have openings. Be in touch with Jeff Graff to express interest or with questions:

New Panim el Panim Affinity Groups Launching
Fathering Young Children

Wine Lovers
Music Lovers
Joys of Grandparenting

LEGO Creators

Contact Jeff Graff to join one of these groups or if you have questions.

Thu, October 21 2021 15 Cheshvan 5782