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Panim el Panim is an opportunity to deeply connect in a small group with meaningful conversations. Through engaged, active listening & experiential life-learning, we will nourish our souls Face to Face, not face to screen.


                    When was the last time you had a truly meaningful conversation?


Temple Beth Sholom’s Small Groups Initiative

We are currently assembling virtual groups to begin meeting ASAP. If you are interested please contact Greg Lawrence: | 786-364-4413.



Why Small Groups


Rabbi Pomerantz's Vision

Why Participate


In Panim el Panim you will meet new people, forge new relationships both within the group context and, potentially, beyond, while having a safe space to be yourself and share from a place of honesty, curiosity, warmth, and even playfulness. Panim el Panim is not book learning but, rather, life-learning as we open up and learn about ourselves in relationship with others, building character in the process.


What Happens When I Join?


Joining a group is a commitment. Participants commit to attend five times, monthly, January - May, on dates determined in conjunction with your group leader. There is no commitment beyond that. Many group members are recommitting to the same group for October – May. Both current and new members are welcome to join current groups with openings or new groups that will be forming.


Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781