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“We have been involved here for 30 years, and want to show our appreciation for all that the clergy and staff have done for us.”

The heartwarming multigenerational story of the Grossman family and their meaningful connection to Temple Beth Sholom was shared with us by Anita and Elliot*, and one of their three children, Ethan.  We learned about all of them: Ethan, who is married to Leah; son Ben, an Orthodox Rabbi; daughter Emily, who is also baalat teshuvah (embracing Orthodox Judaism); and their seven grandchildren.  

One of the most important points they wanted to make about what inspires them to support the Legacy campaign is how they’ve seen the evolution of the Temple from when they joined in 1987 to how vibrant it is today. They have that vision going forward. “We’re hoping that the Legacy program will ensure the longevity of the Temple’s role in Miami Beach. In 75 years from now, we hope they keep on going, with the assurance that funds will be there so that it will be affordable for everyone to join, especially young people,” says Elliot. Ethan interjects, “It’s easy. I’ve chosen to give through my IRA, so in 40-50 years from now, the Temple will receive something. Leah and I were married by Rabbi Pomerantz and we have a son, Evan. We’re at the start of our Jewish identity and need the path and guidance that Beth Sholom is able to provide.” 

Journeying back in time, Anita tells us she’s a Miami Beach native, whose parents were founders of Temple Israel and Temple Emanuel. Elliot’s family were members of New Jersey’s Teaneck Jewish Community Center, but they were not as involved.  During one summer, Elliot was director of a camp in New York and when he asked Anita to be a counselor, their relationship grew stronger and romance blossomed. They married in 1971 and following the birth of sons Ben and Ethan, they moved to Miami Beach in 1986. When seeking out a Temple that would fit their current needs, they happened to meet Rabbi Glickstein during a sporting event, finding him to be engaging and discovering the less formal, more ‘homey’ atmosphere of Beth Sholom most appealing. 

And with that began a lifelong connection to this synagogue for all of them, with a variety of involvements: Anita running the Shabbat school for a year as an interim director and starting the Temple summer camp; Elliot joining the school board; there was preschool, Hebrew School, Confirmation, High School in Israel, the March of the Living, B'nei Mitzvah, Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel on the Magical Mitzvah Tour and participation in BESHTY and NFTY, with all three kids receiving Kronish awards for their youth group activities. Ethan has served on multiple committees and says the most rewarding was the Legacy Committee. The Grossmans hope the Temple will keep on evolving and believe giving through Legacy is the path to the future.

*Elliot Grossman of blessed memory

Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782