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When you think of Israel, ask yourself “how is my connection with the State of Israel (Medinat Yisrael) a part of my identity?

What is your earliest memory of the state of Israel – the UN vote to establish a Jewish state; Ben Gurion's announcing Israel’s independence; the Six-Day War; the peace treaty with Egypt?  What makes you proud about the state of Israel?  What Israeli food, music, movies, and culture do you like most?   

We are so blessed to live in a time when a Jewish state exists. So many Jews over our three millennium have not lived during the time of a Jewish state.  How does that shape your personal story?

To learn more about your personal story with the State of Israel, then please click here to further connect to Israel resources, travel opportunities, and ways to get involved!

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783