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Instructions for HHD 2021 Submissions

DEADLINE: Friday, July 30, 2021. 

As we plan our TBS High Holy Day experiences, we want to make sure we include YOU.  We want your faces, thoughts and families to be reflected in our services.  In order to do that, we are requesting that you send us photos and recordings that we will incorporate in our services.

Thank you for your willingness to submit content for, and participate in, our High Holy Days Services' video. Below are links and instructions for submissions.

Video upload theme content and links:

Video Prompts; please click on the prompt to be take to the upload folder.

HHD greetings from your family

Shehecheyanu moments from this past year (graduations, weddings, births, etc.)

What lessons from the pandemic are you taking with you?

How did TBS help to sustain me during the pandemic?

What are you grateful for this new year?

For Children (18 and under):  What are you praying for in the coming year?

Post-Covid19 Reunions

Filming Instructions: (Please make your video as brief as possible)

  • Film Horizontally
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the microphone on the bottom of your phone, including fingers.
  • Go somewhere with plenty of light.
    • Too much light overhead or behind you will prevent you from showing up clearly on camera.
  • Be somewhere quiet without a lot of background noise. Be mindful of planes, passing cars, air conditioning, fans, pets, etc…
  • The camera should be approximately eye-level with the person you’re filming, try not to be too high or too low.


  • Make sure your phone is on silent mode so you don’t get disrupted by notifications.
  • Check your battery life ahead of time.
  • Microphones and/or headphones work great for clear sound.


All Photos - This is the photo upload link for the following themes: 

  • Images with Tallitot
  • Images with shofars
  • Individuals/Families in masks
  • Images with individuals/families holding the following words:
  1. peace
  2. kindness
  3. health
  4. flexibility 
  5. understanding
  6. faith 
  7. generosity 
  8. curiosity 
  9. family
  10. empathy
  11. wisdom
  12. friendship 
  13. humility
  14. joy
  15. justice 
  16. gratitude 
  17. grace
  18. dreams
  19. love
  20. balance


Photo submission tip: please take horizontal photos.

Directions to upload to the folders:

  • Take your photo or video on your phone.
  • Visit this web page and click on the link pertaining to your upload.
  • Hit the "select files" button then choose "Photo Library"
  • Select photo or video
  • Click "done"
  • Enter your name
  • Click "upload" and you will see the progress bar and a message saying your upload was successful.
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