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Saturday morning

Elementary learners meet Saturday mornings at Temple Beth Sholom from 9:30-11:30am.
Our morning starts with a joyful, song-filled T’filah from 9:30-10:00am. For the rest of the morning, students are divided camp-style into three different units:

  • Tzofim (Scouts): Grades K & 1
  • Bonim (Builders): Grades 2 & 3
  • Olim (Ascendants): Grades 4 & 5

The curriculum is entirely experiential and revolves around themes that tie in holiday learning and Jewish ideas and values. Saturday also includes our Hebrew Through Movement curriculum, an interactive and vibrant way for our kids to learn the language of the Jewish people.

Wednesday afternoon

On Wednesday afternoons, elementary learners participate in Specialty Workshops, allowing them to explore Judaism through the lenses of other areas of interest. See below for the schedule and description of our Workshops!GRADES K-5

In-person learning: Wednesday 2:30-4:30pm

Learners will choose a set of Workshops to allow for our youth to stay in “tribes” during their afternoon at Temple Beth Sholom.

Tzofim learners can choose one of these options:

Art & Theatre

Cooking & Science

Movement & Music

Bonim learners can choose one of these options:

Art & Theatre

Cooking & Science

Olim learners can choose one of these options:

Art & Hebrew Reading

Digital Media & Hebrew Reading

Workshop Descriptions

Art אומנות

The jLAB Art Workshop allows learners to critically think about the intersection of visual art and Judaism. Learners will explore Jewish themes and ideas through drawing, painting, sculpture, and other forms of art. They will derive inspiration from pieces by Jewish artists, and will use the jLAB curricular themes to design and execute unique works of Jewish art.

Cooking בישול

The jLAB Cooking Workshop nurtures a passion for Jewish food. Learners will engage in techniques to properly handle, store, and prepare each component of a recipe. They will gain an understanding of regional and cultural aspects of Jewish cuisine. Our young chefs will learn and sharpen skills in connecting curricular themes to food, work with proven recipes, and perhaps experiment with original creations.

Digital Media תקשורת

In the jLAB Digital Media Workshop, learners engage in aspects of production and storytelling such as character development, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, and editing. Digital Media provides a unique combination of technology and art in which learners will effectively realize Jewish themes and ideas through their artistic visions in film, photography, animation, and other forms of digital design. Through the project-based creation process, learners will grow their skill set in exploring jLAB curricular themes through the fascinating world of digital media.

Hebrew Reading עברית

Although Hebrew is infused throughout jLAB with the “Jewish Life Vocabulary” in our curriculum, the Hebrew Workshop allows for additional instruction in the language of the Jewish people. Our Grade 4 learners will gain introductory reading skills by focusing on sight reading of prayer vocabulary with a curriculum built around the prayer levels of Hebrew Through Movement. Grade 5 learners will focus on decoding skills within a more traditional Hebrew learning format.

Movement נידה

The jLAB Movement Workshop reinforces techniques and the development of skills that help learners use their bodies in creative ways to explore curricular themes. With an emphasis on self-directed learning, collaboration, and diversity of expression, learners are immersed in the intersection between movement and Judaism with their bodies, minds, and souls.

Music שירה

Our musicians learn to interpret both music and Jewish text. jLAB artists will develop musicianship and musical imagination and will grow through studying diverse styles and genres of music. They will cultivate exposure to the Hebrew language that will allow them to further connect to their Jewish heritage.

Science מדע

Scientific inquiry meets Judaism! jLAB learners will explore science through a host of activities that complement and deepen their understanding of Judaism. They will learn the long history of the Jewish people’s contributions to science and build a strong connection to Israel as an incubator of innovation. The jLAB Science Workshop will foster curiosity in the context of Jewish values and community, all within the framework of our curricular themes.

Theatre תיאטרון

Our jLAB Theatre performers explore elements such as character development, breath and vocal techniques, improvisational methods, comedic timing, and physical awareness – all within a Jewish context. Learners will employ these elements through existing material and original productions, all connected to the jLAB curricular themes. Actors will focus on solo, duet, and group pieces, fusing movement and voice with key theatrical skills. Learners may also have opportunities to review techniques in makeup, costume, and/or set design.


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