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Grade K Shalom Sesame – Mitzvot

Using the Shalom Sesame series, our children get a fun, multidisciplinary introduction to Jewish holidays, traditions, and visits to Israel. Our kindergartners learn essential Hebrew words to help discover the joys of their Jewish Heritage.

Grade 1 Teach Me Torah

Our first graders begin their very first exploration of Torah by studying and reenacting stories that shape the Jewish narrative. Diving right into these texts allows our children to gather the values that are most sacred to them.

Grade 2 Building Sacred Time

Our second graders will spend this exciting year learning about the importance of Jewish sacred time and their personal relationship to God. Through core experiences, shared language, history and stories, our students learn the importance of uniting the world-wide Jewish community as a part of developing their own Jewish identity.

Grade 3 Kids Mensch Handbook (Being a Good Person)

At an age where children are thinking critically about making good or bad decisions, our third graders learn about the role that Judaism will play in their lives. Through captivating real-life stories, examples, and experiences, our children make core connections to Jewish values by exploring answers to some of life’s toughest questions.

Grade 4 Jewish History and Heritage

Our fourth graders explore Jewish history through multiple generations in order to better understand their lives. Students learn about our ancient customs and traditions that have defined us as a people and bond us together to create their own guide for living an ethical life.

Grade 5 Experience Modern Israel

Our fifth graders immerse themselves in an exploration of modern Israel. They will engage with Israel’s rich culture, diverse people, technology, politics and the life of Israeli’s in order to build a personal connection to Israel.

Grade 6 Sacred Choices – Gateway to Jewish Adulthood

As our sixth graders look into their future and prepare to enter Jewish adulthood they learn about their Jewish history through a pictorial journey. This pivotal year will be spent exploring their Jewish identity and how they will give back to their community as Jewish adults.

Grades 7-9 iLimud

iLimud is Jewish education that is created for teens that prepares them for the future and inspires them to explore Jewish adulthood. iLimud delivers ongoing interaction and high-quality education with a Jewish lens for teens who have become b’nai mitzvah; the “i” in iLimud represents our learners’ personal journey. We offer myriad experiential classes led by young professionals in the community. Students in grade 7 who have not yet become a bar/bat mitzvah will attend the B’nei Mitzvah Readiness Class. In addition to the private tutorials, this class will include preparation for b’nei mitzvah in a communal setting and will be taught by Cantor Segal and Cantor Nicholson. Once the bar/bat mitzvah has taken place, students will then be moved to the “post” b’nei mitzvah track to select a class of interest, along with their peers in grades 8 and 9.

Grade 10 Confirmation

Confirmation is a meaningful encounter with the human condition and specifically human sexuality and the Jewish tradition. Subjects of this class range from the mundane aspects of human interaction to the most intimate. We grapple with serious ethical and moral questions as well as theological issues. As always, students are encouraged to express themselves verbally and in writing. Some sessions are also spent focusing on Israel and myriad other current event issues as they present themselves throughout the year. Barb Shimansky leads the class with the help of our Israeli Shaliach. For further information about the course description, requirements and timeline please call Director of the School for Living Judaism Barb Shimansky at 305.538.7231 ext. 232.

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783