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“Do not say, 'I will learn when I have leisure'; you may never have it.” – Pirke Avot 2:5

Current Opportunities

Social Justice: The Heart of Judaism in Theory and Practice (Melton Curriculum)

Rabbi Bair will offer insight into the foundational Jewish ideas about social justice, and how the intrinsic role of social justice within Jewish belief and behavior compels us to acknowledge and repair the shortcomings in our communities as well as the world at large. The course will give us the chance to learn about local, national, and international issues. Essential to the design of this course is the intention that learners come to embrace or deepen their involvement with a particular social justice cause or project where they can make a difference.

Tuesdays, Lunch and Learn, 12 noon -1:00 pm, November 24

Fee: $136 / student. Registration includes a course book to be sent to your home.

Register at:


Pandemic Parenting

Join Rabbi Pomerantz in “virtual” conversations about how we hold ourselves and our families together in this stressful and challenging moment.

Wednesday mornings, 10:00 am, December 9; January 20; February 24; April 14.


What does the Reform movement say about ______?

Join Rabbi Loiben in exploring the Reform movement's response to contemporary questions. We will read about one topic each session, discuss our thoughts, and follow the Reform Rabbis' as they trace the answer from Jewish history through modern time. Our topics will range from matrilineal/patrilineal descent, gambling, tattoos, intermarriage, as well as any requests (ex. would dinosaurs be kosher?)!

Monday afternoons, 12 noon -1:00 pm, November 23, 30; December 6. ZOOM



Basic Hebrew for Praying and Living

Rabbi Davis will teach you the basics of Hebrew. The focus will be on reading Hebrew from the prayerbook; understanding key Hebrew words; and the structure of the prayer service. No Hebrew is necessary to begin and fluent Hebrew readers are encouraged to join and be part of the learning and teaching experience. Wednesday Mornings, beginning November 11, 9:30 -10:30 am.



Wise Guys (Words to the Wise):  The Biblical books of Proverbs, Kohelet and Job

Good and evil; the purpose of life; what really matters; what is the best way to live; reward and punishment; faith and denial; cynicism and optimism; God and Evolution; afterlife and after death. Rabbi Glickstein will discuss the Big Questions in this class using the three of the most controversial books of the Hebrew Bible as our texts. Each book has a unique form and a unique perspective.  Examining the wisdom found in these books will help us better clarify our own existential questions about the world in which we live.

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm, December 2,16; January 6. 27; February 3.



Here All Along: a discussion based on the book by Sarah Hurwitz

Sarah Hurwitz served as the speechwriter for Michelle Obama, and in this book, she chronicles her own journey of discovering – as an adult – the richness that Judaism has to offer in life. Her quest to find accessible sources came up short, so she wrote one herself. Join us as we go down our own trails of Jewish discovery by following along with Ms. Hurwitz in exploring Torah, God, mitzvot, prayer, Shabbat, holidays, life cycle rituals, and more. Join Barb Shimansky, RJE, for this three-session discussion which is especially resonant for parents of school-age children, but of course, all are welcome!

Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00 pm, December 1, 8, 15.



Becoming Your Best Self

Join Rabbi Pomerantz in learning how the ancient wisdom of Musar can support and guide us in these perplexing times.  This class will most likely be virtual, intimate and encourage personal awareness and growth.

Monday evenings, 6:00 pm, January 25; February 1, 8, 22; March 1, 8.



Honoring the Memory of Rabbi Harry Jolt

Rabbi Harry Jolt blessed us with his vast wisdom, delightful sense of humor, and keen insights for many years. On the occasion of what would have been Rabbi Jolt’s 117th birthday, Rabbi Davis will lead this study of Pirke Avot, one of Rabbi Jolt’s favorite texts. Wednesday, February 3, 2020, 5:00 pm. Registration:


Tuesday Morning Buchers (Buchers, Definition, from French: to hit the books)

A small (limited to 12) group of congregants and Rabbi Davis meet on the Bima in the Sanctuary to study Jewish texts. Each member of the group takes a turn leading a session. The week’s leader will have researched the text for the day and makes a presentation. Then the other members who have also read and researched the portion make comments. Finally, the Rabbi discusses some aspect of the Hebrew or answers questions that have been raised. We are currently studying the Pirke Avot. No Hebrew is necessary. Important: The Group is currently at capacity, please contact Rabbi Davis,, to be put on the waiting list or if you are interested in participating in a similar group.

Tuesday Mornings, 8:00 - 9:00 am.

Jewish Mindfulness & Meditation 

Have you ever wondered what Jewish Mindfulness & Mediation is about and what it can do for you?  Are you looking for a way to calm your mind and be more present in your life?  TBS is offering you the opportunity to explore and practice. This experience is led by our own Jewish Mindfulness & Meditation teacher, Marte Singerman. Join us! Tuesday evenings, 7:00 pm and Fridays 12 noon. Registration:

An Almost Cup of Coffee with Rabbi Davis

Rabbi Davis will be in the Virtual Ulam HaShalom (The Virtual Welcome Center) to share a cup of coffee with you. This in an informal opportunity to meet and share life’s journey together. No reservation needed – just stop by. Most Tuesdays, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm. Go to:, if Coffee with Rabbi Davis is listed, then click on the link. If it is not listed, e-mail Rabbi Davis and set up a time to meet,

Melton Adult Mini-School

Temple Beth Sholom partners with the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. Melton seeks to inspire, enlighten, and challenge adult learners from all segments of the Jewish community to study Judaism seriously. There is an extraordinary list of community classes being offered this year. A complete listing of opportunities is available at or 305.576.4030.

Individual Study

Rabbi Pomerantz, Rabbi Davis, Rabbi Bair, Rabbi Loiben, Cantor Segal, Barb Shimansky, and Mark Baranek, are available to help you design your own study of Jewish text, philosophy, or theology. Contact any of them for more information.

Torah Study on Shabbat Morning

Start Saturday morning with Torah study and good friends. Each Shabbat morning before our Shabbat Morning Minyan (which starts at 10:30 am), we study Parashat HaShavua, the weekly Torah portion. The Rabbis lead a discussion of ancient commentaries and teachings and reveal the Torah’s modern and relevant lessons. Every Saturday morning, 9:30–10:30 am. No registration necessary.

The Journey to Adult B’nei Mitzvah

A new class will be forming in the Spring of 2021 for adults who never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah as a teen or forgot most of what was learned.Class instruction will include life-long skills including “Hebrew from Scratch”, liturgy, history and holidays. The course of study will culminate in a group B’nei Mitzvah service. Class day and time will be determined at a future date. To have your name added to the list, please contact, Rabbi Davis:

The Art of Cantillation

At High Holy Days, if you sit in your seat saying to yourself, “Hmm…I wish I was up there chanting”, then this learning opportunity is for YOU! Contact Cantor Segal at to schedule your own private sessions for learning how to chant Torah and/or Haftarah. Hebrew reading is a prerequisite. Registration and information:

Where Do I Begin?

A 16-week class for adults seeking to renew their childhood education and/or studying for conversion. Topics include Hebrew, holidays, rituals, prayer, philosophy, and theology. Taste the basics of Jewish life: spirituality, ethics, and community. This is a wonderful course for those new to the congregation, new to Jewish life, or interested in exploring the richness of our tradition. Contact any of the Rabbis for more information.

Let Me Give A Sermon

This is an open workshop for those who wish to create and write a Devar Torah (sermonette). The Rabbis and Sages have methods for teaching the wisdom that flows from our rich texts. A Devar Torah is often given at meetings, study sessions, and services. Participants will meet with Rabbi Davis and will create a Devar Torah for our regular Shabbat morning minyan. Information: Rabbi Davis,

The Reform Jewish website is a wonderful resource for expanding your knowledge base, seeking wisdom, and learning about the issues and opportunities that we face as modern Jews. Major sections include: Jewish Holidays, Jewish Life, Practice, Learning, Social Justice, and Israel. Go to:

Torah Commentary

Commentaries and study materials for the Torah portion of the week written by leading rabbis and educators of the Reform Movement are available online. Go to:

10 Minutes of Torah

Each weekday morning (Monday-Friday) an e-mail will be delivered to your inbox for you to study at your convenience. You choose the time to study. Go to:











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