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General Assumptions


Updated 5/5/22 

Based on discussions with medical professionals on the Temple’s COVID-19 Task Force, below is an update on how Temple Beth Sholom is assessing the risk associated with COVID and the appropriate protocols that are in place.

  1. The CDC is no longer using the positivity rate as the primary measure of community impact
  2. The new measures as advised by the CDC are
       A. Cases per 100,000 population
       B. New hospital COVID Admissions per 100,000 of population
       C. Percentage of inpatient beds in use by COVID positive patients
  3. The current levels of these three measures can be found here


Based on the current guidance by the CDC, our community is not a high-risk area we are not changing our current protocols.  We recognize the number of cases and the positivity percentages are increasing, we do recommend (but not require) masks while indoors.   We will continue to monitor the level of risk in our community and may revise our protocols if conditions warrant a change.  Thank you for your help and cooperation in keeping Temple Beth Sholom a healthy and safe community.

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyar 5782