6:00 pm | Friday, December 15, 2017

$20 (adults)/ $12.50 (children)

Dinner Reservations required by Wednesday, December 13.


Shabanukah is our Congregation’s way to celebrate the holiday as a highly-spirited and fun-filled event. Join Temple Beth Sholom’s annual Shabanukah and celebrate Shabbat with a Chanukah inspired service. The evening is filled with Chanukah songs, celebration and Chanukah foods and desserts. Please bring your own Chanukiyah and candles to light at your table. if you have any questions please contact Buffy Koczwara, or call 305.538.7231.

All Jewish holidays begin at sundown on the date specified in the table below. For further information and a complete list off all major and minor holidays click here.

Major Reform Holy Day Calendar

Holiday 5778
(2017 ‑ 2018)
(2018 ‑ 2019)
Rosh Hashanah  —  Sep 10-11
Yom Kippur  —  Sep 19
Sukkot  —  Sep 24-25
Simchat Torah  —  Oct 2
Chanukah  Dec 12-20  Dec 3-10
Purim  Feb 28-Mar 1  Mar 21
Pesach  Mar 30-Apr 6  Apr 20-27
Shavuot  May 19-20  Jun 9-10
Tish’a B’Av  Jul 21-22  Aug 11