We are happy to share TBS services with those unable to attend in person through automated recording and livestreaming, available on our website and on our YouTube channel. The camera will be focused on the bimah and areas to the side and front of the Ark. Your presence in those areas indicates your consent to your image appearing on the livestream. Tune in live-and to watch previously streamed services and programs.

Major Reform Holy Day Calendar

Holiday 5778
(2017 ‑ 2018)
(2018 ‑ 2019)
Rosh Hashanah  —  Sep 10-11
Yom Kippur  —  Sep 19
Sukkot  —  Sep 24-25
Simchat Torah  —  Oct 2
Chanukah  —  Dec 3-10
Purim  —  Mar 21
Pesach  Mar 30-Apr 6  Apr 20-27
Shavuot  May 19-20  Jun 9-10
Tish’a B’Av  Jul 21-22  Aug 11