Social Justice

The mission of the Social Justice Network (SJN) is to repair the world (tikkun olam) by motivating and educating our congregation to service and advocacy.

Our Social Justice Network is comprised of members of our Temple Beth Sholom congregation who have embarked on tackling deep rooted societal challenges.  For the past two years we have focused on food insecurity and economic injustice.  Moving forward, we are addressing the issue of Gun Violence Prevention.

Each day, eight children and teens under the age of 20 are killed by gun violence in our country.  And closer to home, here is Miami, one child a week has been killed by violence since January, 2016.

We are engaged in a process of research to examine this issue and explore how our Temple community might make the biggest impact.  Currently, we are working with an organization called Do Not Stand Idly By, which employs the strategy of imposing market pressure on the gun industry to produce child-proof, theft-proof guns and to crack down on “bad apple” gun stores which sell weapons which are often used in crime.  A coalition of Reform Jewish leaders in Miami has already visited Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez and Director of the Police, Juan Perez and they have agreed to sign on to this campaign.

“Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor,” is a core teaching in our Torah.  Help us make a difference. Join in a Justice Jam this year, a small awareness-raising gathering in someone’s home, to learn more about gun violence what actions you, as an individual can take.  Participate in hands-on service during our annual Mitzvah Day activities or involve yourself in one of our ongoing projects.  From small acts, great things can be accomplished. There are many ways you can make a difference!