Rabbinic Search

In the spirit of preparation and transparency the Temple Beth Sholom rabbinic search committee encourages members to stay in-tune with the latest updates and to have access to important documents that are pertinent to this process as our search for the next Senior Rabbi has begun.

For those of you that may not know Rabbi Gary Glickstein, our Senior Rabbi will retire in the summer of 2018. Our committee is hard at work processing all of the information we have learned from you, our congregation, in recent surveys and focus groups/parlor meetings. Your voice matters and we will continue to be here to listen! The search process takes a village.  Our pledge to the community is that your voice be heard. We want to hear from you. Email us ideas, feedback and concerns. Tell us what is on your mind. We look forward to taking this journey together. Be sure to visit us online for the latest up-to-date news.


Thank you,

Andy Hirschl (Co-Chair) , Vanessa Ressler (Co-Chair) & the Rabbinic Search Committee


Update – 02.23.17 | Search Committee Letter to Congregation

Click here to read the latest Search Committee Letter to Congregation.

Update – 12.21.16 | Focus Group/Parlor Meeting/Town Hall Findings

Interested in learning more about what we have heard recently from the congregation in all of our recent meetings? Click here to read the report.

Update – 10.31.16 |  REVISED- 2016 Letter to Congregants

Since the original letter and email communication we have had a few sessions change, close or cancel. Last Chance to Register is this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 by calling Tara Stiel at 305-538-7231. Click here to read the complete letter and to view the schedule.

Update – 10.13.16 |  2016 Letter to Congregants

On October 13, 2016 a letter to the congregation was mailed out listing the calendar of events for focus groups and town hall meetings that will take place this November and December. The deadline to RSVP for one of the meetings is October 28. Click here to read the complete letter and to view the schedule.

Update – 06.10.16 |  2016 Survey Results

Pen filling out a survey, focus on options.

The results are in from the 2016 Spring Survey. Click here to download a PDF copy of the results.

Update – 04.27.16

Please note the “important items” section now provides the Spring 2016 survey for members.

Update – 03.16.16

Please note the “important items” section now provides not only the letter to the congregation, but the approved timeline too!