Connections (People)

The Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency for Israel brings Jews to Israel, Israel to Jews and helps build a better society in Israel and beyond. The Jewish Agency’s mission is to inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their People, heritage, and homeland, and empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel.

Talk Israel 

The first mobile app to bring you digital content from dozens of sources tailored to your personal preferences and interests.

Travel (Land)

Taglit – Birthright

Taglit-Birthright Israel (Hebrew: תגלית‎‎), also known as Birthright Israel or simply Birthright, is a not-for-profit educational organization that sponsors free ten-day heritage trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish heritage, aged 18–26. Taglit is the Hebrew word for discovery. JOIN more than 400000 Jewish young people from 66 countries who have received the gift of a free trip to Israel.

Masa Israel Experience

Looking for a life-changing experience in Israel? Masa Israel Journey makes it easy for you to connect to transformative, immersive programs in Israel. Masa Israel, a public-service organization founded by the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Israel, together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, is the leading organization in the long term Israel experience space, and it sets the industry standard.   With more than 200 different options, Masa Israel can help you find the ideal way to connect to your Jewish identity and freedom to explore your own personal, academic and career interests. Masa Israel Journey also offers scholarships, provides expertise, and supports you throughout the entire process of finding the Israel experience that’s right for you. Masa Israel offers a diverse portfolio of 2-12-month study, service, and career development programs for young Jews (18-30). Since its founding, over 100,000 young Jews (18-30) from more than 60 countries have participated in Masa Israel programs.

Israeli News & Weather (State)

The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel is a Jerusalem-based online newspaper founded in 2012 to document developments in Israel, the Middle East and around the Jewish world. The Times of Israel has no partisan political affiliation. It seeks to present the news fair-mindedly and offers a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces.

Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post is the leading news source for English speaking Jewry since 1932. Covering Israel news,updates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East and the Jewish World.


Ha’aretz means the “land of Israel”.  Ha’aretz is Israel‘s oldest daily newspaper. It was founded in 1918.  The paper’s editorial content is considered left of center.

YNet News

YNet News is the online English-language Israeli news website of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s most-read newspaper, and the Hebrew news portal, YnetYnetnews was established in 2005 in Tel Aviv to provide reporting and news from Israel and the Middle East to the Israeli community and its readers.

Israel Weather

AIPAC – American Israel Political Action Committee (State)

AIPAC is a bipartisan organization of US citizens dedicated to strengthening, protecting and promoting the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel.   AIPAC’s staff and citizen activists educate decision makers about the bonds that unite the United States and Israel and how it is in America’s best interest to help ensure that the Jewish state is safe, strong and secure.

Hebrew Literacy (State)

Are you going to Israel or have Israeli family and friends, and want to speak Hebrew with them?  Learn conversational Hebrew and enrich your mind.  The synagogue offers Hebrew language classes.  Many websites and helpful learning aids can help you translate Hebrew to English, help you learn Hebrew words, and help you practice your conversational skills.

Hebrew Podcast   

Subscribe to Hebrew Podcasts and learn Hebrew at your own pace through user-friendly video and audio lessons, flash cards, games, and newspapers.

Hebrew Verbs and Conjugation  

A free website and  easy way to learn the common verbs and how to say them in present, past and future tense, and in gender, single and plural tense.

Google Translate

A family or friend from Israel sent you an email or PowerPoint presentation or an article in Hebrew? Just cut-and-paste words and paragraphs from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English using this free website.