Religious School


Grade KShalom Sesame – Mitzvot
Grade 1Teach Me Torah– Torah
Grade 2Building Sacred Time – Sacred time
Grade 3Kids Mensch Handbook – How to be a good person
Grade 4Jewish History and Heritage -Jews in History & the Present
Grade 5Experience Modern Israel– Israel
Grade 6Sacred Choices– Gateway to Jewish adulthood
Grades 7-9 – iLimud 
Grade 10– Confirmation

What makes us different?

  1. Our teachers are native Hebrew speakers.
  2. We provide a hands-on experiential approach to learning and the curriculum.
  3. We use the Backwards Design philosophy using essential questions for lesson planning.
  4. Our main focus is to foster children to become Jewish adults with strong Jewish identities. How? Through three experiences you won’t find at any other program…

    Family Shabbat

    The Rabbi Leon J. Kronish School for Living Judaism (SLJ) presents Family Shabbat. We provide a multigenerational experience of Jewish values by helping families develop a “shared tool kit” and a common language for living a Jewish life. While Family Shabbat is a required part of our SLJ program it is open to all families within the greater community.

    T’filla Workshop

    Throughout our community T’filla, students explore prayers and learn about holidays through dance, art, improvisation, game or movement in order to make personal connections to their experience. By getting a clearer understanding of each prayer children become excited about praying together as a community and learning from each other.

    Peer-to-Peer Learning

    This school wide initiative was added to empower our students to be responsible for the next generation. Each grade will teach a class for the grade below them to get them excited for the following year, get the kids to know each other from other grades and increase the sense of community.

  5. We partner with families. We are not a drop-off facility.
  6. We implement community building through a wide variety of programming.