Adult Study

“Do not say, I will learn when I have leisure; you may never have it.”
Pirke Avot 2:5

Current Opportunities

Temple Beth Sholom encourages everyone in our community to engage in lifelong Jewish learning. Our goal is to cultivate Jewish consciousness through increased knowledge and awareness that will lead to action. Join us as together we create a welcoming and challenging place for learning and doing. We encourage our members to be both learners and teachers. For the current opportunities, please check the weekly Temple Talk e-mail, the HaKol Bulletin, and the Program Calendar section of the website.

Let Me Give A Sermon

Shabbat Mornings

This is an open workshop for those who wish to create and write a D’var Torah (sermonette). The Rabbis and Sages have methods for teaching the wisdom that flows from our rich texts. A D’var Torah is often given at meetings, study sessions, and services. Participants will meet with Rabbi Davis and will create a D’var Torah for our regular Shabbat morning minyan. Contact:

Liturgy and Music of Shabbat

12:00 – 3:00 pm | Saturdays following Minyan (July 8, 15, 22, 29)

Join Rabbi Amy Morrison and Student Cantor Jennifer Benrey for a 4-part series entitled “Liturgy and Music of Shabbat.” Different prayers and melodies will be studied at each of the 4 sessions but all are welcome to join for the entire series. No prior knowledge or Hebrew proficiency is needed. RSVP:

Spiritual Direction II – Where AM I? 

Class Closed


In our soulful quest for meaning and purpose in life, we will seek guidance from Jewish texts and contemporary mindfulness thinking and practice. In this class, Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz and Scott Rogers, Founder and Director of the Mindfulness in Law Program at the University of Miami School of Law, will once again team up to bring wisdom to our intimate Jewish journeys.  While this class will build on themes of last year’s Spiritual Direction I Class, completion of Spiritual Direction I is not a prerequisite for this class. Enrollment is limited.

Spiritual Yoga Classes

9:25 – 10:30 am | Wednesdays
Fee: $10 per class

This experience will be an opportunity to practice yoga within the guidelines of the principles of alignment for safety while creatively following your heart to express Jewish teachings and values. Beginners welcome! The class is led by Lois Tepper with Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz.

Torah Study

9:30-10:30 am | Saturdays

Start your Saturday morning with Torah study and a “bagel with a schmear” of cream cheese. Prior to our Shabbat morning minyan, you will study Parashat HaShavua, the weekly Torah portion. The rabbis will lead a discussion of ancient commentaries and teachings and reveal the Torah’s modern and relevant lessons.

PACT (People Acting for Community Together)

Temple Beth Sholom is part of the Just Congregations’ Network and PACT. PACT unites, organizes, and trains leaders from diverse congregations, schools and community groups to build a powerful community voice. We empower ourselves, hold officials accountable, and achieve systemic change. Contact: Jani Singer, Denis Russ, Maci Morse, or Rabbi Davis.

  • Nehemiah Action Assembly: At this Assembly officials are asked to commit to reasonable solutions that can be accomplished here in Miami-Dade County. Monday, March 27.
  • Celebration and Investment Drive Kickoff: PACT members gather to celebrate the victories of the Nehemiah Action, hear updates on the progress and status of this year’s issues, and begin the annual Investment Drive. Monday, June 5.


Melton Adult Mini-School

Temple Beth Sholom partners with the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. Melton seeks to inspire, enlighten, and challenge adult learners from all segments of the Jewish community to study Judaism seriously. This two-year intensive program of Jewish learning includes Rhythms of Jewish Living, Purposes of Jewish Living, Dramas of Jewish Living Throughout the Ages, and Ethics of Jewish Living. Contact Rabbi Davis or or 305.576.4030.

Individual Study

Rabbi Glickstein, Rabbi Davis, Rabbi Pomerantz, Rabbi Morrison, Cantor Segal, Cantor Haas, Yael Dadoun, and Mark Baranek are available to help you design your own study of Jewish text, philosophy, or theology.

Learning in Partnership

Chevruta (partnership) is an age-old method of Jewish text study.  In chevruta, two students struggle together with the problems of a text.  Partnerships will be created and carefully prepared texts will be provided to enhance this independent study method.  Contact Rabbi Davis.

Torah Commentary

Commentaries and study materials for the Torah portion of the week written by leading rabbis and educators of the Reform Movement are available online. Go to:

Prayers and Blessings

The deepest feelings and emotions of the soul have been given voice through our prayers and blessings. The Reform Jewish website, is a wonderful resource for finding prayers for Holidays, Lifecycle Events, Israel, Shabbat, Death, and Mourning, Rituals for Children, Special Moments, Current Events, and Daily Life.

The Reform Jewish website is a wonderful resource for expanding your knowledge base, seeking wisdom, and learning about the issues and opportunities that we face as modern Jews. Major sections include: Jewish Holidays, Jewish Life, Practice, Learning, Social Justice, and Israel. Go to:

Introduction to Judaism – Where Do I Begin?

An 18-week class for adults seeking to renew their childhood education and/or studying for conversion. Topics include Hebrew, holidays, rituals, prayer, philosophy, and theology. Taste the basics of Jewish life: spirituality, ethics, and community. This is a wonderful course for those new to the congregation, new to Jewish life, or interested in exploring the richness of our tradition. Contact any of the Rabbis for more information.

Members of our congregation and community becoming Jews by choice participate in the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) Introduction to Judaism program. TBS clergy serve as faculty. The goal of URJ’s Introduction to Judaism program is to empower seekers, individuals and couples to explore Judaism. Weekly classes are augmented by Shabbat programs and additional experiential components.