The TBS Innovative Elementary School…Powered by AltSchool is a progressive, micro school inspired by Reggio and dedicated to joyfully educating the whole child. Our practice is guided by our belief that children are competent.  Our nurturing and caring learning spaces are designed to promote encounters, build relationships and foster creativity and innovation.

Materials are rich and meaningful and seen as tools for expression.  The environment is organized and aesthetically designed to inspire engagement.  There is a culture of respect and listening is seen as a key value to the learning process.  Relationships and creating a sense of belonging are viewed as essential to developing well-being and emotional competency.

Our learners become the co-designers for thinking and learning experiences around things that matter to them! Within our social constructivist learning environments, created to empower learners to formulate questions and to develop theories individually and collectively, learners go deeper into long term studies around big ideas and intents.

Failure is seen as an opportunity to learn and an invitation to think more deeply about an experience. Our learners embrace disrupting the status quo to find new meaning and develop new ways of seeing things. Change agents in the making!

We view our families as essential partners along their children’s educational journey. Together we look to hold to the highest of academic standards while remaining open to seeing what our 21st century learners will need to succeed in our ever-changing world.

As an AltSchool Partner School, we will utilize their technology platform to support our educators’ approaches and practices around personalizing curriculum, documenting learning, assessing progress and networking within their system of educators to continually bring best practices and academic excellence to the forefront of our children’s learning.

The Future of Education is Happening Here!

This Seed Fund provides for financial support in a variety of ways as it relates to research and development for TBS Innovative Schools…Powered by AltSchool. We are in the process of investigating the best use of our current space for our future day school needs. As part of the planning process we are working with structural engineers, commercial space planners, developers, and other professionals who can help guide our school through this expansion process, to maximize the use of our current space. The seed fund is intended to kick start the future of our children’s education. To make a donation click here.